About Us


10-day lashes founded by a woman of style and her goal - to make every woman glow. She believes that achieving a head-turning beauty should not take long hours and cost more than your savings. This is why here in 10-day Lashes we strive to develop products that make women stand out with pride. With that, we give you our 10+DAY LASHES! 

As women, we have tons of things going on and even so, it seems like looking good is a part of our responsibility. That is why we designed lashes that are easy to apply and long-lasting. We want to help women defeat stress by saving hours on their morning routine yet appear more blooming. We have created lashes that will reflect the beauty within you. 

In our opinion, women shouldn’t deprive themselves of rest just to look good! So, our lashes will make you radiant in a flash and keep you gorgeous even as you sleep! With 10 day lashes, your #wokeuplikethis will absolutely gain enormous reactions!