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10-Day Lashes work because the powerful but gentle SuperLash Glue bonds the ultralight lash segments to your natural lash hairs, and dissolves only with the specially formulated removal gel.

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Designed for Self-application

Find out why people are raving about 10-day Lashes!

Rated 4.9/5 stars on TrustPilot

Find out why people are raving about 10-day Lashes!


“Gorgeous lashes and so easy to apply. love my light glam style and theyre so flattering. Definitely going to repurchase, so comfortable and lightweight too! I am beyond happy that I get to wear these for 10 days! I seriously feel like Moitie lashes are so safe and dont damage my own natural lashes at all. Beyond Happy! :) “


“Actually works! These lashes make such a huge difference!! It may sound crazy but these lashes changed my life. After fighting with health issues I lost my confidence. It makes me feel very confident and it stays on FOREVER! Definitely RECOMMEND!“

Makayla L.

“Moitie Cosmetics are favorite lashes by far! so easy to put on and do not budge! I got myself the natural style and I cant even express how beautiful these lashes are. I love waking up next to my husband and being put together in the morning. I feel beautiful just waking up next to him.“

Frequently Asked Questions

Will these lash extension damage my natural extensions?

No. Moitié eyelash extensions are specifically designed to ensure lashes are not damaged during application or removal. Our unique 5-fan segments are adhered to multiple natural lashes with a gentle adhesive and will remain intact for 10+ days. If you’ve ever tried professional lash extensions applied in the salon, you’ll know that dry, split or broken lashes are an all too common side effect for temporary beauty. In the salon model, several lashes are applied to one individual natural lash, resulting in a heavier load that ultimately breaks natural lashes. Moitié’s 5-fan segments distribute weight more evenly by adhering to several natural lashes, reducing the risk of damage.

Is the eyelash glue safe for my sensetive eyes?

Moitié Lash Extensions Glue is sensitive, and was formulated for individuals with sensitive eyes. It is safe even for those that wear contact lenses. Unlike other brands that sell strip lashes that can be applied at home, our lash glue will not come in contact with your eyes or your delicate eyelid skin. Moitié lash extension glue is applied to the band of the lashes, then applied to your natural lashes. Studies show Moitié Lash Extension Glue is up to 10x more gentle than salon formulas.

Can I really sleep,shower and workout with them?

Yes, your Moitié lash extensions are 100% waterproof. Live your life as you usually do – shower, swim, exercise, laugh, or even cry. Your lashes will dry quickly without any need to towel off, though you can gently brush your lash extensions with our complimentary eyelash spoolie brush to return them to their original full fanned-out look. Please note that it is recommended to keep lashes dry for 24 hours after initial application, avoiding any water, especially pressurized water from the shower.

Moitie has several lash extension options,how do I know what look is best for me?

Take our style quiz to determine your ideal look. Our silk lashes come in three styles: Natural, Light Glam, and Full Glam.

Do I have to wait 10+ days to remove my lashes? Or can I take them off sooner?

Moitié lashes will last a full 10 days, or longer, but can be easily removed should you wish to change up your look sooner. Removing your lash extensions is quick and effortless, taking less than 2 minutes to complete. When you are ready to remove your lashes, simply apply a drop of Moitié Lash Remover to a cotton swab and follow the step-by-step instructions.

How long does it take to apply Moitié lash extensions?

It takes just 5 minutes to apply your lash extensions. Our patent-pending 5-part lash segment design was specifically developed for do-it-yourself (DIY) application. Even if you are a makeup novice, you can quickly and dramatically change your look. See our instructional video and step-by-step instruction. guide to ensure a perfect fit every time.

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